The SOWINE Team is made up of experts with complementary talents (30 persons) and long-term project partners. Passionate about the world they live in, these key figures share the same vision of creativity, pleasure and work well done. If you are passionate about wine, if you can identify with this philosophy and if you would like to contribute to our growth, please don’t hesitate to apply!


Originally from the Champagne region, Marie, a graduate of the CELSA communications school at the Sorbonne, has spent the better part of her career in the world of wine and champagne. She launched her career at Champagne Mumm before moving on to Veuve Clicquot, where she was International Advertising and Corporate Communications Manager. After spending many years abroad—including a year touring the wineries of the world—Marie, who speaks five languages, finally settled in Paris where her burning ambition to provide a different outlook into the wine, spirits and champagne industry led to the creation of SOWINE. Apart from her responsibilities at the heart of the agency, Marie shares her insights and in-depth expertise on various wine- and spirits- related topics in lectures and presentations at international conferences and seminars. Marie was elected one of the twenty leading figures in the French wine industry.

Before co-founding SOWINE, Sylvain successfully pursued a career in new technologies in the US and France. A graduate of the ESSEC business school, Sylvain has firmly established himself as a brand positioning specialist who revels in looking at things from a different perspective, and who deploys an impressive array of skills to develop unconventional solutions for even the most challenging issues. He is also a man of many talents: during a yearlong tour of wineries around the globe, Sylvain discovered a passion for photography, and his works have been featured in international festivals. Sylvain is also the mastermind behind the SOWINE/DYNATA Barometer, which studies the influence of modern technology on the behavior of wine consumers in France.


After ten years at communications agencies in Paris, Harold chose to specialize in wine in 2017, when he enrolled in the OIV (International Office of Vine and Wine) Master in Wine Management program. Passionate about wine and convinced of the potential for marketing and communicating around the notion of terroir, Harold is equally passionate about leveraging opportunities in branding, image, storytelling, digital communications and distribution to create value for his clients. Harold has developed an expertise in 360° strategies that allows him to help clients in the public and private sectors define and bring to life their different territories of communication. Today it is with fervor and dedication that he puts this expertise at the service of SOWINE’s clients.

Born and raised in Nantes, Chloé launched her career in the cosmetics industry before moving on to retail. It was upon joining Castel Frères as international marketing manager that she discovered the wine industry. Upon receiving her WSET Level 3 Award, Chloé pursued a degree in viticulture and enology while continuing to advance her professional career. Apprenticing with winegrowers in Pézenas and Vidauban allowed her to immerse herself in the experiences of the men and women responsible for perpetuating the rich cultural heritage that she so cherishes. Chloé brings a strong background in marketing and an intimate knowledge of the wine industry to SOWINE, where she puts her passion for terroirs and brands to work for clients with boundless energy, creativity and pragmatism.

As teachers, Charles-Louis’ parents instilled in him a deep-seated curiosity about history and geography and a decidedly meticulous approach to the scientific world. After graduating from emlyon business school with a degree in management and NEOMA Business School with a degree in business communications, Charlie specialized in brand strategy, working at some of Paris’s leading agencies, first in advertising and then in branding. At the same time, his work for the blog Le Vin Parfait led him to discover a passion for wine, and he spent nearly five years in Italy and one in Lebanon exploring Mediterranean cultures and terroirs. Upon returning to France with diplomas including the WSET 3 Award and a degree from Université de Dijon as well as an Italian passport, Charlie found in SOWINE an ideal setting where he could combine his passion for wine and his professional expertise.

A Paris native, Aliénor was born into a family of bons vivants. For as long as she can remember, the good things in life and the delights of the palate have fascinated her. She was initiated into the art world by her mother and her grandmother and she discovered the subtleties of Burgundy wines with her father’s side of the family during regional celebrations. Her dual passion for art and wine led her to study marketing strategy as it applies to both sectors. A graduate of Sciences Po Paris, Aliénor interned at the start-up Les Grappes, the Comité Colbert collective of French luxury brands, and Bollinger Diffusion before joining SOWINE, where she puts her zeal and expertise in brand strategy and project management to work for agency clients.

A Parisian native, Colombe was immersed in the art world before discovering her true passion—for gastronomy—very early on. Her love of the written word and the crafts industry led her to pursue literary studies, followed by a Master in Luxury and Fashion Management at the Institut Français de la Mode. Upon completing her multidisciplinary education, Colombe chose to dedicate herself to promoting the work of fascinating, passionate “craftsmen of the palate.” Determined to grasp the sector’s internal workings and stakes, she took on strategic and operational assignments at some of the great houses of French gastronomy and ultimately obtaining a diploma as a pastry chef. Her passion for food led her naturally to develop an interest in wine and spirits. After working in event planning in the wine industry, she joined the consulting team at SOWINE, where her verve and determination are precious assets in developing identities and strategies for agency clients.

The granddaughter of a farmer and a beekeeper, Léa was raised in the great outdoors, surrounded by the Vosges Mountains. She began her studies close to home before moving on to ICN Business School in Nancy. An exchange program took her to Greece, where she discovered a passion for fine foods and the art of living that led her to choose the gastronomy and hotel sectors for her first internships in event management. As a member of the consulting team at SOWINE, Léa puts her expertise in brand strategy, innovation, and project management to work for clients with meticulousness and enthusiasm.

For Delphine, creativity and the thought process have always remained inseparable. Fascinated by social behavior and artistic production, Delphine specialized in strategic planning upon completing her studies at CELSA (Sorbonne University). She spent a decade working at various agencies before joining SOWINE, where she has renewed with the passion for fine foods that was instilled in her by her grandfather, an amateur winegrower, and her grandmother, a charcutier. Her branding and marketing expertise allow her to deliver activation concepts that resonate with the targets and objectives of agency clients and give greater depth to their communications strategies.

Sylvain was born into a family from southwest France and initiated in the delights of terroir from a very early age. Raised in the Charente department of France, he studied film and humanities in Bordeaux before continuing his education at the Institut d’Études Politiques, also known as Sciences Po, in Toulouse. His love of spirits briefly led him to the other side of the English Channel, where he discovered the world of whisky, embarking on tours of distilleries and participating in many tastings. After developing his experience in digital communications, Sylvain decided to combine his skills as a “geek” with his passion. At SOWINE, he keeps a keen eye on new trends for agency clients as he helps them define their digital communications strategies.

Originally from the South of France, Zoé left her native region in favor of Paris, where she obtained a Masters in Marketing and Advertising at the ISCOM communications school. Upon receiving her diploma, she embarked upon a journey across the globe, and it was during a visit of the McLaren Vale wine region near Adelaide, Australia that she first discovered her passion for wine. Upon returning to Europe, Zoé pursued a Masters in Art at King’s College in London. She fell in love with the city, where she discovered a rich and diverse offering of wines. It was only a matter of time before Zoé earned her WSET Level 2 and Level 3 Awards in English. She is a valuable addition to SOWINE, where she puts her communications expertise to work for agency clients in outlining their digital strategies and activating their presence on social networks.

Originally from Lyon, Edgar grew up in Lille and pursued his studies on the Bordeaux campus of Kedge Business School. After a first experience in film production as a Community Manager, he sought out an internship in event planning in Montreal, where he fell in love with Quebec and its brewery culture. Upon returning to France, he spent nearly two years at France Télévisions as a social media analyst. He then returned to Montreal, where he learned to brew his own beer and travelled eastern Quebec’s Beer Route. He oversaw the social media strategy of the Montreal International Documentary Festival before joining a start-up specialized in consumer surveys of social platforms. After two years in Canada, he returned to Bordeaux, where he joined SOWINE as Social Media Manager.

A Reims native, Clément pursued studies in his hometown before seeking opportunities in Scotland, Denmark, England, and Portugal to immerse himself in new cultures and widen his horizons.
Clément first specialized in organizing major sporting events such as the EURO 2016 and the Biathlon World Cup. Upon returning to Reims, he worked as a freelance communications and marketing consultant for a network of clients, among them NEOMA Business School and the top-tier Champagne Basket basketball club, for nearly ten years. His passion for and desire to grow his knowledge of wine drove him to obtain a WSET 2 Award before joining SOWINE, where he helps agency clients define and implement social media strategies.

Cecilia was born in Paris into a French-Colombian family whose love of good wine and good food is passed down from one generation to the next. After earning a psychology degree at Université Paris Descartes, Cecilia moved to Corsica, where she was enchanted by the Island of Beauty’s inspiring local wines and winegrowers. Determined to pursue a career in wine, she earned a sommelier’s degree at the ICOP Paris oenology institute while working at a highly reputed wine shop in Ajaccio. After several years as a manager at the wine shop where she learned the trade, Cecilia returned to Paris, where she began working in digital communications in the wine industry. This line of work led her to join Vin & Société, before worjing for SOWINE where she brings the valuable knowledge as well as her expertise in coordinating digital projects.

The grandson of a grain farmer, Christopher grew up between the plains of the Beauce region and the vineyards of Coteaux-du-Loir. Passionate about journalistic writing, he wrote his first pieces for the République de Centre newspaper at the age of sixteen before going on to study communications in Tours. After graduating from the IAE Poitiers business school with a Master II in communications strategy and management, he turned to wine and gastronomy, eager to combine his passion with his profession. As a press officer with an agency for six years, he developed expertise in the field of inter-professional organizations and winegrowers’ associations. At SOWINE, Christopher assists his clients with communications and media relations.

Laura was born and raised in southwest France. Her attachment to the region led her to pursue studies in Toulouse, where she earned a degree in communications from the ISCOM communications school before moving to Paris to study public and press relations and influence in the luxury sector at the Sup de Pub communications school in Paris. As a student, she worked at a specialized agency, where she honed her journalistic language skills and built a network of journalists and influencers. Laura puts her passion for wine and spirits to work at SOWINE as she develops influence strategies in the lifestyle sector and coordinates the international media visibility of the agency’s clients.

A native of Beaune, Loïc was immersed in the culture of wine from a very young age. Loïc holds a Master in culture management specialized in gastronomy, wine and tourism from ESTHUA – Université d’Angers. Upon receiving his diploma, Loïc, a passionate traveller, embarked upon a discovery of the vineyards of Argentina and Chile. Loïc has worked with numerous wine and spirits companies and was part of teams at different agencies responsible for managing press relations for major clients. At SOWINE, he brings estates and winemaking appellations to life as their spokesperson before print, radio and TV journalists in France and abroad.

A native of Vendée, Elise grew up along the invigorating shores of the Atlantic. After pursuing studies in Angers and a yearlong stint in Australia, she returned to school in Paris to specialize in media relations. After a year at a cosmetics company, Elise joined Moët Hennessy Diageo, a natural choice for the daughter of wine merchants who has always been passionate about wine. Today, Elise is a valued member of the media and influencers team at SOWINE, where she works closely with clients in the spirits industry.

Originally from Brittany, Adrien-Salim spent his childhood between land and sea. It was during his studies in Rennes that, immersed in the lifestyle of the bons vivants that people the city, he decided to pursue a career in wine and spirits. He sought out new and fascinating experiences in this constantly evolving sector, including a market study of a cidery and an analysis of the impact of agroforestry on wine. After garnering a wealth of knowledge and specializing in wine and spirits media, Adrien-Salim has joined the SOWINE team as Media and Influencer Relations Coordinator, working closely with clients to grow their reach through media channels.

A born-and-bred Parisian with family in Champagne and Sancerre, Juliette found herself immersed in the delights of good food and good wine at a very young age. While studying marketing and event planning, she embraced the opportunity to discover the gastronomic and wine-making traditions of terroirs near and far, starting with Poland before continuing on to South America. These journeys of initiation confirmed her passion for the world of wine and spirits. Upon returning to France, she pursued a host of experiences in the industry before joining SOWINE as a media relations coordinator.

Elise Roux
A passionate writer, Elise hails from the Loire Valley. She pursued her studies in communications at Sciences Po Toulouse as part of a dual diploma program with the Toulouse School of Management. She then traveled to Valparaíso—notebook in hand, as always—to hone her expertise in public relations. Her time in Chile allowed her to discover many of the treasures of Latin American culture and the world of wine, as she explored the vineyards of Chile and Argentina. Upon returning to Paris, driven by a desire to promote the terroirs and areas of savoir-faire that she so admires, Elise specialized in the art of livin After a series of communications experiences at various groups and agencies, Elise joined SOWINE, where she is delighted to put her versatility and fresh outlook to work for her clients in the wine and spirits industry as a press relations coordinator.

Proud of her Alsatian heritage, Amélie has nourished a passion for fine foods and fine wines since she was a child. It was her desire to share this fervor that led her to pursue a Master 2 in marketing and communication from the ISCOM communications school, while exploring a host of winegrowing regions—from Austria to Martinique—during her free time. After working at luxury hotels in Paris and Austria, Amélie chose to recenter her career around the wine and spirits industry. She is a most valuable asset at SOWINE, where she helps clients of the agency grow their reach and enhance their image in the media and among influencers.

A native of the Béarn, Maylis grew up between the shores of the Basque country and the Pyrenees Mountains. She pursued studies in Bordeaux and then at the Sup de Pub communications school in Paris, where she earned a Master in art direction. Maylis is very attached to the Southwest and the terroir of her childhood but she is also an avid explorer. After beginning a successful career working at several advertising agencies in Paris, she embarked upon a long journey through South America. Working on farms in exchange for food and lodging, Maylis was able to live out a very personal vision, one that is centered on giving and open-mindedness. Upon returning to France, Maylis joined the SOWINE team in Bordeaux, where she sets the creative tone for projects and visual identities of the agency’s clients.

Céleste hails from Normandy but grew up in Provence, which makes it especially hard for her to decide whether she likes butter or olive oil better! Her most precious childhood memories are of learning how to cook, tending to the vegetable garden, harvesting olives, hunting for wild mushrooms and collecting velvet crabs. Passionate about brand image and packaging, Céleste pursued a Master 2 in visual communications in Paris, before launching her career as a freelancer. Three years later, she joined a major agency in Paris, where one of her clients was the Nicolas chain of wine merchants. She brings to SOWINE her passion for art direction and strong concepts that she unfailingly conveys with precision and relevance.

Clémence spent her childhood in the Basque Country. Filled with creativity, passion and curiosity from a very young age, she went on to pursue studies in Bordeaux, where she found her calling in design. Upon obtaining a diploma in graphic design, Clémence pursued a Master in art direction at the Sup de Pub communications school in Bordeaux. Her first position, at the Cité du Vin, proved ideal, as it exposed her to a fascinating new world and nourished a passion for using her creativity and graphic design skills to promote wine. It was only natural that Clémence was eager to join SOWINE, where she puts her know-how to work for clients in highly innovative, imaginative ways.

Cinta was born and raised in Seville in southern Spain, where she basked in endless sun and explored multiple forms of music and art. From her childhood on, her family’s spirit combined with her own artistic impetus drove her to play musical instruments and study flamenco and painting before turning to what would become her great passion: graphic design. After several years in London and Barcelona, Cinta moved to Paris to pursue studies at the LISAA applied arts institute before obtaining a Master in Art Direction at the ECV design school. Cinta has worked for various agencies and players in the fashion, corporate, and event planning industries, something that allowed her to develop her talents as an illustrator. Joining SOWINE allowed her to realize her goal of focusing on projects related to wine and spirits, and she is delighted to put her good nature, enthusiasm, and unlimited creativity to work for agency clients.

Marion’s atypical career is a testament to her curiosity and thirst for adventure. After earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing at Trondheim Business School in Norway, she pursued a second bachelor’s degree, in visual communications at ERG in Brussels, and then a master’s degree in image and multimedia in Bordeaux. It was while working as a manager of premium and ultra-premium brands at an international group in Paris that she discovered the wine and spirits industry, traveling to wineries in Georgia and distilleries in Russia and Gascony and moving between sectors with agility and precision. Fascinated by all forms of beauty and eager to keep her feelings of wonderment alive, Marion is constantly on the lookout for new creative, gastronomic and even athletic experiences.

A childhood spent in Lille nurtured Juliette’s cheerful and authentic personality. Eager for new experiences, she left the rains of northern France for Bordeaux, where she discovered the pleasures of wine tasting during her studies at Kedge Business School. Juliette started her career with Pernod Ricard, where she first came into contact with SOWINE. She continued her career at wine start-ups before joining SOWINE’s Bordeaux office. She is in charge of the organization of all events for SOWINE clients.

Born into a family of winemakers, Marie was raised on a vineyard. After pursuing an MBA in wine and spirits marketing, she joined the Wine & Business Club Paris where she served as project manager in event planning and media relations. In 2013, she decided to pursue a new challenge abroad and moved to New York. A self-taught sommelier, she was hired by the prestigious Michelin three-star restaurant Le Bernardin, where she worked with a list of some two thousand wines. Today she puts her experience in wine and the wine trade to work for SOWINE’s clients, along with her unique international vision of the wine market.

Candice grew up on l’Ile aux  Moines, a small island in the Gulf of Morbihan. Upon completing a Master in international trade and foreign languages in Nantes, Candice was eager to experience life abroad, first in sunny Naples and then in London, where she began her career at a wine import company. For two years, she thrived in an environment driven by the rapid, stimulating pace of international markets and fueled her desire to dedicate her career to the wine and spirits industry. Today, Candice puts her characteristic determination and enthusiasm to work for SOWINE clients as she continues to develop her expertise in trade and her international vision.

Violette attended the Toulouse School of Management, where she completed her bachelor’s degree with an experience at Les Grands Chais de France. She then pursued a Master in Wine and Spirits Management & Marketing in Bordeaux at the INSEEC business school while preparing for the WSET Level 2 Award in English. A fervent athlete and lover of nature and wine terroirs, Violette was naturally drawn to New Zealand, where she worked for the country’s leading importer of Champagne. Upon completing her thesis and earning her degree at the IAE management school in Bordeaux, she returned close to home, where she now puts her energy, enthusiasm, and organizational skills to work for SOWINE’s clients in Bordeaux.

A native of Beaune, Pauline was born into a family of gourmets. After earning a degree in communications and marketing in Lyon, her desire to hone her knowledge of wine led her to enroll in a Masters program in Avignon specialized in the international wine and spirits trade. Upon earning her degree and WSET 3 Award, Pauline began her career in Paris at a wine shop. In addition to greeting and giving recommendations to customers, Pauline was entrusted with managing the shop and selecting the wines sold there. After singlehandedly overseeing the business for several years, Pauline was ready for a new challenge. This is what brought her to SOWINE, where her organizational and problem-solving skills as well as her aptitude for interpersonal relations and convivial nature make her the ideal choice for the position of Office Manager. Pauline is also a member of the agency’s Trade & Event team. Her experience on the ground is a valuable asset in bringing SOWINE’s network of influencers to life and guaranteeing the success of trade events organized for agency clients.