Key functions

Scoring system 

The SOWINE DIGITAL DASHBOARD uses a scoring algorithm to assess the digital visibility of all the wine, champagne and spirits brands contained in the tool. The scoring system assigns a daily score out of 100 to each of the brands analysed. It weights their performance based on metrics such as the number of followers, engagement rate and brand mentions.

Competitive analysis

The SOWINE DIGITAL DASHBOARD provides industry players with a turnkey solution to observe, analyse and enhance their performance on social media. It also enables them to compare their performance with other wine, champagne and spirits brands and estates of their choice, across any or all social media, for short periods or over time.

Monitoring organic and sponsored posts

Every post, whether organic or sponsored, published by the brands and estates on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is seamlessly integrated in real-time into the Dashboard. The tool uses key indicators to analyse performance and offers the flexibility to adjust posting strategies based on these metrics and the brand or estate’s visibility objectives.

Social listening

The technology continuously monitors all mentions made by internet users in real-time on the two social media platforms generating the most digital conversations: Instagram and Twitter. This empowers the brands and estates using the tool to analyse the sentiment, quality and frequency of community discussions about them on social media.

Subscriber profiles by social media platform, all in one place

The SOWINE DIGITAL DASHBOARD conducts daily audits of brand and estate follower databases, precisely tracking user profiles in order to adjust targeting and sponsorship strategies based on socio-demographic information, gender, age group and geographic location (city, country).